How To Schedule Weekly Recurring Meetings across Multiple Timezones using Excel

When your team is distributed across the world, scheduling recurring meetings becomes a challenge because you need to cater for multiple timezones and daylight savings. That’s why I’ve created a spreadsheet template to make this process much easier. It’s not an app that automates the entire process, so you’ll still need to add the missing timezones to the “Locations” tab, and UTC and daylight savings to the “Locations_UTC” tab.

The best way for multiple people to update the spreadsheet simultaneously is to host it on OneDrive. I’ve found that spreadsheets served by Excel Online runs much faster than if they were served by Google Sheets.

CLICK HERE to download the Weekly Availability Planner

There are apps that help make this process easier, but they are designed for a different purpose, and you might not want to pay for them.

  • Doodle – This is the closest match I’ve found, but it gets clunky to use when you have many time slots. It also does not support “maybe” responses – it’s either a “yes” or a “no”.
  • NeedToMeet – This is an alternative to Doodle, but to get additional time slots you need to upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Calendly – This is designed for scheduling one-to-one meetings. Although it allows multiple people to book a specific time, you cannot vote for different meeting times. It does not help you decide the best time to maximise the attendance of your meeting.

If you want to use a spreadsheet template that I’ve created, please watch the video that demonstrates how you can use it.

If you know of a web app that does all this for you, or if it doesn’t exist and you want someone to develop it, then CLICK HERE to Let Me Know.

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